We Can Treat Your Bruxism or TMJ Symptoms With the Help of a Night Guard or BOTOX® Injection

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If you have a tendency to grind and clench your teeth, you are not alone. Known as bruxism, this destructive habit can leave you with a sore jaw and neck, dull headache and tooth pain. Left untreated, this condition prematurely wears down your teeth, causing issues with your jaw muscles and jaw joint, resulting in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

The TMJ connects your lower jaw to your skull. Stress, bruxism, arthritis in the TMJ, or trauma and injury to the head, neck or jaw can lead to TMJ disorders, leaving you with constant jaw or facial pain.

Night Guard Treatment

A night guard (an oral appliance worn while you sleep) can cushion your teeth in order to keep them healthy and prevent further deterioration of the jaw joints. Custom made to fit your teeth, these are made from an impression of your mouth in a special laboratory. They are more comfortable than over-the-counter versions as these are customized for your mouth. A night guard will keep your teeth from grinding so that they don’t suffer cracks or chips, or stress your jaw muscles further.

Unfortunately, clenching and grinding can happen both at night and during the day. BOTOX treatment is a great option for patients with “around the clock” grinding/clenching habits.

BOTOX® Treatment

This neurotoxin protein is often used to treat the symptoms of TMJ disorder including morning headaches or migraines, jaw tension and lockjaw from severe stress which can take a toll on your teeth and jaws. Our dentist can safely inject BOTOX into your forehead, temple, and jaw muscles to significantly decrease pain while increasing movement in your mouth for up to three months following treatment.

To protect your teeth and jaws from the harmful effects of bruxism, we invite you to see our dentist to evaluate your smile. You may find that wearing a night guard or receiving BOTOX for TMJ can relieve your symptoms and safeguard your smile. Call 713-668-8383 today to schedule your consultation with our dentist at Bellaire Dental Group in Houston, Texas.